Talk today by UMass prof: ‘New Psychological Tools for Promoting Conservation’

Ezra Markowitz of the Department of Environmental Conservation at the University of Massachusetts presents “Going Back to the Future: New Psychological Tools for Promoting Conservation” from 4 to 5:30 p.m. today at Ohio State in Columbus. There’s a video link, too, to CFAES’s Wooster campus. Everyone’s welcome. Details.

Cover crops: Guide on how to grow them

Even more about cover crops: CFAES experts helped write the latest Midwest Cover Crops Guide, and you can read about it, including how you can get a copy, here.

Cover crops: Cleaner water, healthier soil

More about cover crops: “Farmers who add cover crops to their fields not only can help improve Ohio’s water quality, they can also cut input costs and improve their soil’s health,” said a 2014 CFAES press release.

Cover crops: Sustainable Farm Tour Series

Discover cover crops (see what we did there?) next in the Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop Series. The Turnwald Farm in northwest Ohio will host a Cover Crops Farm Tour from 6-8 p.m. this Thursday, Sept. 3. The tour will feature more than 10 different cover crops and cover crop mixtures after wheat that you can broadcast, drill, or apply with or without manure — at least 40 possible combinations in all. Cover crops’ benefits include richer soil and increased yields and income. Learn more here on p. 27. (More on cover crops. And, even more.)

Blooms without borders

Lake Erie’s algal blooms are more than an Ohio problem and more, too, than a U.S. problem. A story in yesterday’s Windsor (Ontario) Star looks at the blooms’ big hurt to Canada’s Pelee Island, the lake’s largest island and visible to the north-northeast from Put-in-Bay and Ohio State’s Stone Lab. Among the blooms’ impacts: A nearly two-week tap water ban on the island late last summer. (To compare, last summer’s tap water ban in Toledo lasted two days.) And as a result, at least $1 million in lost tourism revenue. Read the story.

I’m a treetop flyer

FSR talk on flying squirrelsFlying squirrels, while hard to see, are good to have around. They’re signs of a healthy ecosystem, says CFAES wildlife expert Marne Titchenell. She’ll share their secrets in a talk at Farm Science Review.

The Farmers’ Table: Sustainable Farm Tour Series

Next in this year’s Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop Series: Maplestar Farm and its restaurant partner, the Driftwood Group, will host The Farmers’ Table — “a unique farm to table experience that celebrates Ohio farms and flavors” — on Sunday, Aug. 30. The farm is in Chagrin Falls in northeast Ohio. Update: Alas, ticket sales are now closed.

Grants for adding sustainable ag practices

Farmers who want to add sustainable agriculture practices to their farms may be able to use grant funds to do so — if they know where to look and how to write a winning grant proposal, says an educator with CFAES …

London calling; or, come out of the cupboard, you frogs and squirrels

Gwynne conservation programs 2Farm Science Review is about conservation, too. Check out dozens of talks about natural resources — about ponds, trees, wildlife and more — in its 67-acre Gwynne Conservation Area. The big annual CFAES-sponsored event is Sept. 22-24 in London, Ohio.

See what they’ve paired with red raspberries: Sustainable Farm Tour Series

Red raspberriesAnn’s Raspberry Farm features not one, but two phytonutrient-filled foods: Raspberries, yes, and Brussels sprouts too. See how they do it on the Value-Added Fruits and Vegetables Farm Tour, the next stop in the Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop Series, this Sunday. The farm is in Fredericktown in central Ohio. Details here on p. 13. (Photo: Wavebreak Media.)