Maximizing crop benefits, minimizing water risk

Healthy crops and clean water_2Manure Science Review this year will have a clear focus on water …

‘Applying just the right amount of fertilizer’

Greg LaBarge, agronomy field specialist with CFAES’s outreach arm, OSU Extension, was interviewed for a recent WCMH-TV, Columbus, story on new regulations aimed at reducing algal bloom-causing fertilizer runoff. Watch it here.

The rains came; or, water, water everywhere eventually causes root rot

Too much rain got your garden down? Get tips from CFAES Horticulture Educator Pam Bennett in this story and in the video above.

Half our bees are not to be, due to some mysterious injury

Ohio lost nearly half of its honey bee population last year, according to a recent survey quoted in a June 26 Cleveland Plain Dealer story. Written by James F. McCarty, the story also quotes CFAES scientist Reed Johnson and retired CFAES scientist Jim Tew, both experts on honey bees. Honey bees pollinate about a third of the crops we grow for food. (Photo: iStock).Bee populations down

Just add fish; or, lettuce use our water well

Aquaponics workshopCFAES’s OSU South Centers are holding an Aquaponics Workshop July 10-11 in Piketon. Aquaponic food-production systems combine aquaculture (raising fish) with hydroponics (growing plants in water, like the hydroponic lettuce shown here). (Photo: iStock.)

See what makes this GreenSpot green

Columbia Gas of Ohio HQ_2See two kinds of green at July 15’s Environmental Professionals Network breakfast program: The new LEED-certified Columbia Gas and NiSource Gas Distribution headquarters building in downtown Columbus, shown here, which is part of the city’s GreenSpot sustainability initiative; and, while looking down from that spot, the Columbus Clippers’ ballpark. Details and a link to sign up to be there. (Photo: Cleveland Construction, Inc.)

Spotted (one state over)

Spotted lanternfly_2There’s a new invasive forest pest in neighboring Pennsylvania, and you can learn about it, and others like it, from forestry experts from CFAES. (Photo: Lawrence Barringer, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture,

Dairy herd health: Sustainable Farm Tour Series

dv455010The Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop Series holds a Dairy Herd Health Workshop on June 29 at Othmary Farms in Maria Stein in western Ohio. Gustavo Schuenemann, DVM, veterinarian with CFAES’s outreach arm, OSU Extension, will lead the program. Othmary Farms is a family-owned certified organic dairy farm. Find details here on p. 22. (Photo: Photodisc.)

Le Foll: 3 wins through ‘climate-smart agriculture’

French Agriculture Minister Stéphane Le Foll, who talks about how agriculture can cut carbon emissions this Saturday at Ohio State, spoke at the Climate-Smart Agriculture Conference in March in France. The website French Food in the US gives a good rundown. Climate-smart agriculture, the conference’s website said, is based on three conditions: a “triple win” of food security, adaptation and mitigation. Know French? You can watch Le Foll’s conference talk here.

Le Foll: Adapt food production, don’t cut it, to help fight carbon

A 2014 EurActiv article called “France backs agroecology to fight climate change” quotes French Agriculture Minister Stéphane Le Foll:

“The agricultural sector has a responsibility to reduce its emissions, but it can also offer solutions for greenhouse gas reduction.

“This is about considering the ecological challenge of the fight against climate change, the challenge to food production and the challenges of agriculture and forestry as one entity.

“The answer to the big environmental questions is not to reduce agricultural production, but to adapt.”

He speaks on his country’s carbon sequestration work this Saturday at Ohio State.