What’s ahead for CFAES’s organic farming program? Come share your ideas

CompassCFAES’s Organic Food and Farming Education and Research program will hold a public listening and planning session on Nov. 9 in Wooster. Organic farmers and others are invited to attend.

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Hello, we’ve come for your azaleas

Group of deer in zooIf you’re a city official in Ohio, and you’re struggling with what do to about an overabundant, landscape-devouring deer population, there’s a conference for that. (Also coyotes and Canada geese.)

Ursine on social media

Grizzly Bear 399, who will be featured in Oct. 24’s Environmental Professionals Network event at Ohio State, has a Twitter feed.

Study on new pipeline’s impact on farmland

How will the Utopia East gas pipeline in northern Ohio affect farmland? Scientists from CFAES will be digging for answers soon. The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s James F. McCarty has the story…

Seats going fast for ‘An Evening with Grizzly Bear 399’

Only about 250 seats remain out of the original 1,000 available for “An Evening with Grizzly Bear 399” on Oct. 24 at Ohio State. So says CFAES’s David Hanselmann, coordinator of the Environmental Professionals Network, which is hosting the event. Read more here. Register here.

New free info: Analyzing solar energy investments

A series of new free publications co-written by CFAES specialist Eric Romich will help you untangle the complexities of investing in solar energy, says a recent story in the High Plains Journal. It gives you a link to the series.

Ohio needs more fish farmers

Blue fishing netThis CFAES workshop on Oct. 29 will net you a good start in being one…

Eyeing ways for city officials to manage urban wildlife

coyote in a fieldA Nov. 15 event at Ohio State aims to help Ohio’s cities, towns and suburbs limit conflicts between people and wildlife, from deer to geese to coyotes like this one. Find out more. (Photo: iStock.)

They’ll help you turn your woods even greener

OSU, CFAES, OSUE, Woodland StewardsCFAES’s Ohio Woodland Stewards Program is holding an Improve Your Woodland workshop on Oct. 14 in Mansfield. (Photo: Ken Chamberlain, CFAES.)

Registration open for Oct. 14 Stinner Summit

Stinner Summit flierThe 10th annual Stinner Summit, whose theme is “Working Together for Healthy Agroecosystems and Sustainable Communities,” is Friday, Oct. 14 at the Stratford Ecological Center in Delaware, Ohio. When you register, you’ll be asked to suggest issues for discussion at the summit. Then, during the event, working with the other participants, you’ll propose, discuss and eventually decide specific projects for funding in the year ahead, with the funding coming from CFAES’s Ben Stinner Endowment, the summit’s sponsor. For details, go here. The life, work and vision of the late Ben Stinner touched farmers, the land, and his friends and colleagues in CFAES. Read more about him here.