Ready to Dispose of Your Pumpkin? Don’t Toss in the Trash

Pumpkins make great holiday decorations, but when they’ve run their course, consider more sustainable ways to dispose of them rather than tossing them in the trash.

Ohio State University Extension pumpkin specialists Brad Bergefurd and Jim Jasinski offer the following tips:pumpkins in field

  • Pumpkin leftovers make great feed for livestock. Many growers will graze cows, goats, pigs, even horses into the winter months. “Pumpkins were originally grown as livestock feed before they became popular Halloween decorations,” says Bergefurd.
  • Use pumpkins for compost. Plow them into crop fields, work into garden soils or toss them into a compost bin.
  • Toss pumpkins in a field or woodland area and leave as feed for the wildlife.
  • Store pumpkins for consumption through the winter months. When stored properly, pumpkins can last up to three months or longer, depending on the variety.
  • Remove the seeds. They make tasty treats for birds and other wildlife during winter.

Pumpkins are not only fun for the family, but they are beneficial to wildlife, agriculture, home gardens and the environment.

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    Pumpkins seeds are great for your pet bird as well as wild birds. Read about how to prepare the seeds at:

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