Wooster Science Café is tonight : ‘Reducing our carbon footprint’

The next Wooster Science Café is tonight. CFAES scientist Fred Michel will present “Reducing Our Carbon Footprint.” It’s at 7 p.m. at Muddy’s Restaurant, 335 E. Liberty St., in Wooster. Admission is free. Michel works for CFAES’s research arm, OARDC in Wooster, where he studies composting and bioenergy. He’s also president of the Wayne County Sustainable Energy Network. He spoke on the solar panels on his own home and car at last week’s Scarlet, Gray and Green Fair.

Which way to go in your woods?

Image of path in forest 2What can you do with your woods? On May 24, the Ohio Woodland Stewards Program is giving a workshop with that exact question as its title. Read More »

Let’s go to the hops

… on the first Fridays of May, June and July at CFAES’s Ohio State University South Centers in Piketon.

‘We’re downright obsessive’ about energy efficiency. Hear how you can be, too

Image of scanning for heat loss 2Green is good. Renewable rocks. But don’t forget energy efficiency, says the organizer of an upcoming event at Ohio State. Read More »

And now for something completely different …

OARDC Secrest Arboretum Wooster Campus OSU Roses of Legend & RomanceAt OARDC in Wooster, which is CFAES’s research arm, more than 600 crabapple trees like this one are starting to blossom and should be at their peak this weekend. (Photo: Royal Raindrops crabapple, Ken Chamberlain, CFAES.)

Ohio’s worst woodland invaders and how to stop them: May 20

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACFAES’s Kathy Smith and Marne Titchenell want to give honeysuckle the boot. Along with garlic mustard, autumn olive, buckthorn and many others. They’ll show how to do it in a workshop in northeast Ohio. Read More »

Ohio State to host workshop for businesses on measuring sustainability

Image of sustainability in business 2How does your business or organization measure and account for sustainability?

Faculty with CFAES would like to help your organization learn to better implement, measure and evaluate sustainability efforts at a workshop on May 19 at Ohio State’s Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center. Read More »

Watch: ‘We can pretty much grow year-round now’

Dana Hilfinger of Urban Farms of Central Ohio talks about using structures called high tunnels to increase food production — and how scientists with CFAES’s research arm, OARDC, helped make it happen — in the new video above.

Ohio State ‘getting serious’ about sustainable agriculture

Kara Holsopple of the The Allegheny Front radio program interviewed Brian Snyder for an April 1 story called “Ohio State Is Putting Big Money Into Sustainable Agriculture.” Read and listen to it here.

Ohio State University is getting serious about transforming the state’s agricultural system. How serious? Try $100 million serious. That’s what Ohio State President Michael Drake has pledged to a program called the Initiative for Food and AgriCultural Transformation, or InFACT. And they’ve tapped one of Pennsylvania’s own rock stars in the sustainable agriculture scene to run it.

Snyder, who’s the executive director of the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture, will take the same position with InFACT June 1.

Brian Snyder joins InFACT leadership team

Image of Brian SnyderBrian Snyder, pictured, executive director of one of the leading sustainable agriculture organizations in the nation, will join the Initiative for Food and AgriCultural Transformation at The Ohio State University as it pursues its mission to create sustainable and resilient food systems for Ohio and beyond. Read More »