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This bug stinks. Can science sustainably stop it?

CFAES scientist Celeste Welty is part of a 15-state study looking at sustainable ways to control the invasive, non-native, crop- and home-bugging brown marmorated stink bug, shown here. Specifically, she’s studying a tiny wasp that preys on the stinker. CFAES scientist Andy Michel, meanwhile, is evaluating the pest’s impact on Ohio’s $2.5 billion soybean crop. Details on their work. (Photo: Susan Ellis,

A simple, sustainable way to stop stink bugs

It’s spring, or almost spring, and stink bugs are on the move again — often inside your home. Want to get rid of them? Read this previous post, then watch the super-short video it links to.

Itching for answers

Talk about bed bugs and pesticidesAre bed bugs becoming resistant to certain pesticides? Find out on Wednesday, Feb. 25, in the spring seminar series by CFAES’s Department of Entomology. Details (scroll down).