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Super bowl

Goji BerriesCFAES’s Ohio State University South Centers will hold a workshop this Thursday, March 19, on growing “super berries” (such as the goji berries shown here) in Ohio. Details. The centers are in Piketon. (Photo: iStock.)

Some days are better than others

Events on the schedule“Some days it all adds up,” quoth a bard, who very well could have been singing about the at least 20 sustainability-related dates in CFAES’s latest calendar listings.

Climate change and food security: ‘Adaptation strategies should be under way’

Interesting NBC News story this morning. Scientists speaking at the American Association for the Advancement of Science annual meeting say climate change has moved America’s breadbasket north — North Dakota now produces more wheat than Kansas; the corn and soybelt belts have pushed into Canada. What does this hold for farms and farmers, consumers and food security, and the research that supports them? From the story: “The experts said heading off a food crisis will require changes in every aspect of production and consumption. ‘Adaptation strategies should be under way,” (Berkeley Lab scientist Michael) Wehner said. ‘Denying this, I think, is a disservice to the public.’ ”

To thaw a frozen heart, er, grape

Ice wine grapeWhat’s so hot about frozen grapes? Just in time for Valentine’s Day, let CFAES experts tell you. (Hint: Ice has a magic.) (Photo: iStock.)

To dream, perchance to farm

Live your small farm dreamThinking about living your small-farm dream? There’s a conference for that. It’s the Northeast Ohio Small Farm Conference and Trade Show on March 28 at CFAES’s research arm, OARDC, in Wooster. The organizers are the same folks behind the Opening Doors to Success small-farm conference set for two weeks earlier in Wilmington, the Small Farm Program of CFAES’s outreach arm, OSU Extension. Download the brochure (PDF). Register here. (Photo: iStock.)

New to a sunny field

Big interest in small farmsInterest in small farms is huge, especially among people new to farming, says Tony Nye, coordinator of CFAES’s Small Farm Program and an organizer of Opening Doors to Success, the 2015 Southwest Ohio Small Farm Conference and Trade Show. The event, set for March 13-14 at Wilmington College, is co-sponsored by CFAES. Download the brochure here (PDF). Register and pay online here. (Photo: iStock.)

New way to dig what’s happening: OEFFA conference preview

New active soil organic matter testA new project aims to develop affordable testing for a soil’s active organic matter content. (Active organic matter is “fresh meat” to beneficial soil microbes, says a University of Vermont fact sheet.) CFAES’s Steve Culman will talk about the testing, how you can use it to manage your soil and how you can help with the project. “Soil Testing for Active Organic Matter,” Session II A, 1:45-2:40 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 14, at the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association’s 36th annual conference. (Photo: Wavebreak Media.)

Out of the cold

Interviewed during warmer times, Nick Ferrante of northeast Ohio’s Ferrante Winery discusses damage to his grapes and vines from the subzero polar vortex of just over a year ago, in January 2014, and his work with CFAES scientists such as Imed Dami to recover. Related post here. (Video: Chris Dicus, CFAES Communications.)

How weeds develop herbicide resistance, and what we can do about it

Todd Gaines talks about his research on managing weeds and his work with students and farmers in a video published last summer by Colorado State. Gaines speaks on Wednesday, Feb. 4, in the spring seminar series of CFAES’s Department of Horticulture and Crop Science.

Sustainable food production and glyphosate resistance: Feb. 4

Colorado State scientist Todd Gaines presents “Sustainable Production Systems: Implications of Glyphosate Resistance” from 11:30 a.m. to 12:25 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 4, in 244 Kottman Hall, 2021 Coffey Road, on Ohio State’s Columbus campus and by video link to 121 Fisher Auditorium at CFAES’s research arm, OARDC, 1680 Madison Ave., in Wooster. Glyphosate is a broad-spectrum systemic herbicide. Gaine studies sustainable weed management and its role in sustainable food production. He speaks as part of the spring seminar series of CFAES’s Department of Horticulture and Crop Science. Free. Information: Related post.