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This weekend: Pick a peck of 4 farm tours

Image of big red pepperThe Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop Series continues this weekend with four events. Details are in the series booklet here. Scroll to the page numbers given for each.

Saturday, June 25

• Sunny Meadows Flower Farm Open House, 1 p.m., Columbus, p. 16.

• Pasture-Raised, Rotationally Grazed Livestock Tour, 2 p.m. at Pastured Providence Farmstead, Chillicothe, p. 8-9.

Sunday, June 26

• Creative Gourmet Produce Farm Tour, 2-4 p.m. at Peace, Love and Freedom Urban Farm, Columbus, p. 33.

• Hands-On Gardening Workshop, 2-5 p.m. at Earth-Shares CSA at Grailville, Loveland, p. 37.

CFAES’s Sustainable Agriculture Team is one of six co-presenters of the series.

Friday in Hillsboro: How to make your grass-fed beef even better

June 24.Next in the Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop Series is Raising the Steaks: Finishing the Finest Beef on Grass from 1-5 p.m. Friday, June 24, at White Clover Farm in Hillsboro in southeast Ohio. The series booklet says Jim Linne of the farm and Troyce Barrett of USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service “will delve into the finer points of managing a grass-fed herd to improve the marbling and flavor of your beef.” Details: Download the booklet here, then go to page 18.

How to help soils, crops and water, and also deal with climate

Dark skies looming over corn fieldsThe July 28 Soil, Water and Bioenergy Field Night at CFAES’s OSU South Centers in Piketon will feature new and innovative ways to grow soybeans, corn and wheat in a changing climate.

Growing cover crops, practicing long-term no-till and spreading gypsum on the soil — which offer a triple benefit of better soil health, crop yields and water quality — also are on the agenda.

CFAES scientist Rafiq Islam, an organizer of the event, says the topics, will “help farmers make knowledgeable decisions about best management practices that provide long-term economic and environmental benefits.” Read more …

The bad, the good of honey bees and field crops

Honey bees are negatively impacted by the insecticide-coated seeds of some field crops, yet they also seem to benefit from the presence of other field crops near their hives, according to new research by CFAES scientists. Read the story.

Find them on a farm near you: ‘Ideas you can put to use’

Woman looks up on light bulbIt’s all about innovation. Starting in August, CFAES’s Sustainable Agriculture Team will present 10 tours of Ohio farms to spotlight new crops and methods. “It’s an opportunity for participants to kick the tires on other farm operations and see how other folks are addressing sustainability issues,” said CFAES’s Mike Hogan, who’s a co-organizer of the series and a member of the team. Details about the tours here.


Produce growers: ‘Find your path(ogen) to clean water’

June 20.The Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop Series continues on Monday, June 20, with Find Your Path(ogen) to Clean Water: Food Safety Water Quality Standards and Testing Protocols for Produce Growers in Delaware in central Ohio. The series booklet says the event is “designed to shine a bright (UV) light” on produce-related water quality standards in the Food Safety Modernization Act. Get details here on p. 18.

Get the drift? Hopefully not

Ripe red grapesOhio’s corn and soybean growers could soon be spraying a lot more of two potent herbicides on their fields. That’s why experts from CFAES are offering tips on how to keep those herbicides from getting onto other crops, especially valuable specialty crops like grapes.

Farm tour Tuesday to feature diversified veggies

Market“I think what visitors will learn is the real time commitment and dedication it takes to manage a year-round, highly diversified farming operation,” says OSU Extension Educator Jerry Iles about Tuesday’s Diversified Vegetable Farm Tour at Schultz Valley Farms in southeast Ohio. Read a press release about the tour here. Iles calls the owners, Josh and Lynne Schultz, “amazing young producers.”

Diversified vegetables on a family farm

June 14.See how Schultz Valley Farms in Lancaster, Ohio, uses high tunnels to extend the season and grow vegetables for market sales and a successful CSA program on a free tour from 6:30-7:30 p.m. June 14. It’s part of the ongoing Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop Series and is specifically being presented by CFAES’s Sustainable Agriculture Team. Learn more here on p. 21.

Ultrasound scanning for better sheep

June 11.Sheep producers are invited to join Laura Minnig of The Spicy Lamb Farm, a Cuyahoga Valley National Park Countryside Conservancy farm, for a workshop on using ultrasound technology to select breeding stock and improve product quality. It’s from 2-4 p.m. June 11 at 6560 Akron-Peninsula Road in Peninsula and is part of the Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop Series. Read more here on p. 17. CFAES’s Sustainable Agriculture Team is a co-presenter of the series.