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Dairy herd health: Sustainable Farm Tour Series

dv455010The Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop Series holds a Dairy Herd Health Workshop on June 29 at Othmary Farms in Maria Stein in western Ohio. Gustavo Schuenemann, DVM, veterinarian with CFAES’s outreach arm, OSU Extension, will lead the program. Othmary Farms is a family-owned certified organic dairy farm. Find details here on p. 22. (Photo: Photodisc.)

Le Foll: 3 wins through ‘climate-smart agriculture’

French Agriculture Minister Stéphane Le Foll, who talks about how agriculture can cut carbon emissions this Saturday at Ohio State, spoke at the Climate-Smart Agriculture Conference in March in France. The website French Food in the US gives a good rundown. Climate-smart agriculture, the conference’s website said, is based on three conditions: a “triple win” of food security, adaptation and mitigation. Know French? You can watch Le Foll’s conference talk here.

Le Foll: Adapt food production, don’t cut it, to help fight carbon

A 2014 EurActiv article called “France backs agroecology to fight climate change” quotes French Agriculture Minister Stéphane Le Foll:

“The agricultural sector has a responsibility to reduce its emissions, but it can also offer solutions for greenhouse gas reduction.

“This is about considering the ecological challenge of the fight against climate change, the challenge to food production and the challenges of agriculture and forestry as one entity.

“The answer to the big environmental questions is not to reduce agricultural production, but to adapt.”

He speaks on his country’s carbon sequestration work this Saturday at Ohio State.

French agriculture minister to speak June 27 at Ohio State

Stéphane_Le_Foll_(2014)CFAES’s Carbon Management and Sequestration Center hosts a free public talk by French Agriculture Minister Stéphane Le Foll, pictured, called “Research on Carbon Sequestration in Soils: A Priority for France,” at 11:30 a.m. this Saturday, June 27, in 333 Kottman Hall on Ohio State’s Columbus campus. CFAES Dean Bruce McPheron will give welcoming remarks. The event flier says, “The theme of ‘carbon sequestration’ is extremely pertinent to addressing climate change and is the focus of the forthcoming COP21 meeting to be held in Paris in December.” COP21 is the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference. (Photo: StagiaireMGIMO (own work) licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons.)

Successful urban farming systems: Sustainable Farm Tour Series

Successful urban farmingBusy day: Also on June 28 in the Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop Series is Production Systems for Successful Urban Farming, a workshop in Dayton led by Mike Hass, an experienced farmer and the Findlay Market’s farm manager. He’ll compare and contrast different bed and production systems and share ideas for inexpensive postharvest handling setups. Find details here on pp. 20-21.

Running an urban flower farm: Sustainable Farm Tour Series

Next in the 2015 Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop Series is a June 28 open house at Sunny Meadows Flower Farm in Columbus. The 7-acre urban operation grows and sells mixed cut flowers for farmers markets, grocery stores, weddings and more, including its own new farm stand. Click here and scroll to p. 18 for details.Growing flowers

Dairy goats and soaps: Sustainable Farm Tour Series

June 13 calendar dateNext in the 2015 Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop Series: Dairy Goats and Soaps Tour, June 13, at Pine Lane Farm in Batavia in southwest Ohio. Martha Fix and family raise Saanen and Toggenburg goats, which give milk for making cold-process soaps and body care products. For details, click here and scroll down to p. 33. Read more about the farm at its website.

‘I believe in the fundamental goodness of milk’

Learn more about Snowville Creamery, the June 6 stop in the 2015 Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop Series, in the video above.

Snowville Creamery: Sustainable Farm Tour Series

June 6 calendar dateNext in the 2015 Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop Series: Snowville Creamery Open House, June 6, in Pomeroy in southeast Ohio. Snowville’s slogan? “Milk the Way It Used to Be.” Click here and scroll to p. 18 to find out more. Check out Snowville’s website here.

Pastured poultry, naked oats: Sustainable Farm Tour Series

June 3 calendar dateFirst up in the 2015 Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop Series: Pastured Poultry Research Tour, June 3, at Muddy Fork Farm in Wooster in northeast Ohio. The topic: How to incorporate (1) pasture-raised chickens in movable shelters and (2) a grain called naked oats into an organic rotation. It’s a joint study with CFAES with USDA funding. For details, click here and scroll to p. 7.