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June 25: Lessons learned by a beginning sustainable, diversified farmer

See how new farmer John Wood got off the ground during the Diversified Beginning Farm Tour on June 25 in southeast Ohio.

Wood manages his Homecoming Farm in Amesville, according to the tour description, “with a whole-farm approach with a focus on diverse, year-round income streams including fruit trees, vegetables, wood products and non-timber forest products such as maple syrup.” He’ll discuss his experiences as a beginning farmer and how to “best manage a mix of forested and unforested land.”

The tour is from 1-4 p.m. Admission is free; preregistration is encouraged. It’s part of the Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop Series. CFAES is a co-presenter of the series.

June 24: Turning vacant lots into ‘beautiful, bountiful’ urban CSA

Next in the 2017 Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop Series is an Urban CSA Farm Tour on June 24 in Cincinnati. It’s at the Urban Greens CSA farm. Urban Greens, the event description says, “turns vacant properties into beautiful and bountiful gardens” and relies on an “extensive network of like-minded farmers, who provide them with the best variety and quality.” The tour is free and open to the public. There’s an optional farm-to-table dinner that’s $20 and requires registering in advance.

Download the series brochure.

June 20: How to grow ‘superior quality, nutrient-dense’ organic vegetables — and also conduct on-farm soil research

Artisan Acres near Wooster is hosting the next stop in the 2017 Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop Series. Called the On-Farm Research and Organic Vegetable Farm Tour, the event starts at 9 a.m. June 20.

Artisan Acres provides “superior quality, nutrient-dense vegetables to customers … while at the same time increasing the health of their soil by applying minerals, rotating cover crops and mulching,” the tour description says. The tour will also look at soil balancing research being done on the farm in conjunction with CFAES’s Organic Food and Farming Education and Research Program.

Download the series brochure.

June 15: Natural? Organic? What food labels really mean

CFAES’s Direct Marketing Team is hosting a free public webinar called “Organic, Naturally Grown, Chemical-Free: What Do These Mean?” from noon to 1 p.m. this Thursday. Speaking will be Eric Pawlowski and Amalie Lipstreu of the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association.

The webinar is part of an ongoing series being hosted by the team. See the complete series schedule.

June 17: Renewable Energy Farm Tour

The 2017 Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop Series continues June 17 with the Renewable Energy Farm Tour at Woodland Ridge Farm and Learning Center in Athens in southeast Ohio. The farm has hybrid, battery backup, microgrid solar and off-grid systems. Admission is free and open to the public, but you have to preregister. Get details in the tour’s calendar listing or on pages 7-8 in the series brochure.

The farm is also offering two paid workshops and a dinner that weekend. Details are at the same links.

June 14: Growing Right Oral History Tour

The Growing Right Oral History Pop-up Tour, which explores Ohio’s roots in ecological farming, pops up again on June 14 at Columbus’s Franklin Park Conservatory Farmers’ Market. It’s part of the 2017 Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop Series.

June 12: Certified Organic College Farm Tour

Seminary Hill Farm at the Methodist Theological School in Ohio is holding the Certified Organic College Farm Tour from 5 to 6 p.m. June 12. The school is in Delaware north of Columbus. The farm raises heirloom vegetables, fruit and chickens. Visitors will interact with the farmers, “explore season extension techniques, learn about their young farmer apprentice program and meet their bees,” the event description says. The tour is part of the 2017 Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop Series. CFAES’s Sustainable Agriculture Team is a co-presenter of the series and is the specific presenter of this event.

Download the series brochure.

June 11: Mixed vegetables and information management

Rock Dove Farm in West Jefferson, about 20 miles west of Columbus, is hosting the Mixed Vegetable Production and Information Management Farm Tour from 2 to 6 p.m. June 11. Registration is $4 members of the National Young Farmers Coalition, $10 for nonmembers, and includes strawberries, pickles and salad. It’s another in the 2017 Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop Series. Download the series brochure.

June 10: Snowville Creamery open house

In addition to the Growing Right Oral History Pop-up Tour in Columbus, there’s a second event set for June 10 in the 2017 Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop Series: the Snowville Creamery Open House in Langville in southeast Ohio. The event includes a field walk, milking parlor tour, homemade ice cream and live music. Hours are 1 to 4 p.m.

June 10: Ohio’s roots in ecological farming

The 2017 Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop Series starts June 10 with a pop-up tour of the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association’s Growing Right Oral History project at Columbus’s North Market Farmers’ Market.

Speakers will share “oral history excerpts, photography, multimedia pieces and print materials from OEFFA’s grassroots oral history and media arts project on ecological farming in Ohio,” the event description says. “Join us in listening deeply to the stories and places of Ohio’s diverse ecological farmers and food systems movement-builders.”

OEFFA, CFAES, Central State University and the Clintonville Farmers’ Market are co-presenting the series.

Download the series brochure.