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Farm bankruptcy rate has ticked up, may keep doing so

Declining farm income and farmland values will likely lead to an increase in the number of farmers who are delinquent on their loans and eventually a rise in farm bankruptcies, two CFAES agricultural economists predict …

Buckeye bird

Birders are reporting a loggerhead shrike, a predatory songbird considered endangered in Ohio, at CFAES’s Waterman Agricultural and Natural Resources Laboratory in Columbus. Lab website here. Loggerhead lowdown here.

Workshop, and a Tanzanian farmer, make seedling health the foundation of IPM

On a normal day, Joseph Mbuji’s business is managing the production, harvest and delivery components of his diversified vegetable farm in Bagamoyo, Tanzania. But recently, he found himself delivering a lecture about his farm to an international audience at a Seedling Health Workshop at Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) in Morogoro in his country.

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Hooked on aquaponics

Matthew Smith, aquaculture specialist with CFAES’s outreach arm, OSU Extension, is one of the scheduled speakers at the Ohio Aquaculture Association’s March 10 Aquaponics Workshop in Columbus. (Image: Rainbow trout, iStock.)

2 ways to grow your small farm

Young couple working in the gardenCFAES’s Small Farm Program is holding two conferences for the owners or aspiring owners of small farms. The Opening Doors to Success conference is March 10-11 in Wilmington in southwest Ohio. The Living Your Small Farm Dream conference is March 25 in Massillon in northeast Ohio. Find out more about both of them.

Keeping corn strong despite weather extremes

Corn fieldA recent major project hopes to help farmers handle the heat — and drought and other weather extremes — caused by climate change. Read More »

How to keep the barber pole worm from getting your sheep and goats: OEFFA conference preview

cute lambs in springThere’s a killer on the loose. It’s called the barber pole worm. It’s an internal parasite. It can hurt the performance of, or even cause the deaths of, small ruminants like sheep and goats. And traditional methods aren’t enough to control it, says Rory Lewandowski, an educator with CFAES’s OSU Extension outreach arm. He’ll share new barber-pole-worm-battling strategies at the Feb. 9-11 annual conference of the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association. “Co-existing with a Killer: Small Ruminant Parasite Management,” Session V, 1:30 to 3 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 11. Complete conference schedule. Presenters from Ohio State.

We’ve got the local meat. Now how do we sell it? OEFFA conference preview

grilled beef steakMarketing locally raised meat can be “time consuming, costly and complex,” says the description of Hannah Scott’s workshop at the upcoming Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association annual conference. But the challenges, the description says, can be addressed by using the cooperative business model. Scott, who’s program manager of the Ohio Cooperative Development Center at CFAES’s OSU South Centers in Piketon, will explain the model in her workshop. She’ll give good examples of farmers who’ve teamed up to market their meat with success. “Local Meats and the Co-op Model,” Session IV, 8:30 to 10:30 a.m., Saturday, Feb. 11. Complete conference schedule.

Hows, whys of growing cover crops in corn: OEFFA conference preview

Ear of CornYou can improve soil health, raise crop yields, protect water quality and more by growing cover crops. A session at the Feb. 9-11 annual conference of the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association will show you specifically how to interseed them in corn. The speaker, Ryan Haden of CFAES’s Agricultural Technical Institute in Wooster, will “share strategies and technologies for establishing interseeded cover crops in corn in order to produce a more successful harvest.” Read more about his work and his lab. “Interseeded Cover Crop Experiments in Ohio, Session IV, 8:30 to 10 a.m., Saturday, Feb. 11. Complete conference schedule.

Growing organic grain in Ohio: OEFFA conference preview

Hear from other farmers how they grow organic grain at the Feb. 9-11 annual conference of the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association. A panel discussion by Lou Kozma of Hirzel Farms, Ken Rider of Rider Landing and Jeff Harris of Harris Organic Farm, all of Ohio, will look at their crops, rotations and marketing. “Come with questions for a practical, farmer-focused conversation,” says the description of the talk. Alan Sundermeier of CFAES’s OSU Extension outreach arm will serve as the moderator. “Organic Grain Production Systems for Quality and Profitability,” Session I, 8:30 to 10 a.m., Friday, Feb. 10. Complete schedule.