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Learn how to cut down a tree safely, and actually get to do it

When it comes to using a chainsaw, there are things you want to cut, like any of Ohio’s millions of still-standing dead ash trees killed by the emerald ash borer pest, and things you don’t want to cut, like … anything not a tree.

A class you can take on Aug. 3 will help you keep them straight. (Photo: iStock.)

Copy that; or, learn the craft of graft

There’s a gardening skill called grafting. It’s used a lot on apple trees. And it can help you turn a favorite tree — whether an apple like this one, a pear, a dogwood or another — into more new trees just like it. (Photo: iStock.)

I’m sorry, do I know you?

On July 7, a CFAES-sponsored class on Ohio State’s Mansfield campus will help you identify Ohio’s trees.

Knowing how to identify trees can help you take care of them even better, says instructor Kathy Smith, head of CFAES’s Ohio Woodland Stewards program. Every tree species has different needs for care, she says.

Register by this Friday.

The many ways forests help Earth keep its cool

Forests play a complex role in keeping the planet cool, one that goes far beyond the absorption of carbon dioxide, according to new research co-led by a scientist with CFAES. (Photo: California giant redwood trees, Creatas.)

Replacing your ash trees in spring?

Image of ash guidePlanning what you’d like to do in the coming year on your land? If the emerald ash borer has wiped out your ash trees, you can see your best choices for replacing them — whether in town or country — in a CFAES-published bulletin. And to boot, it’s now being offered at a sale price.

This Christmas tree has CFAES roots, has helped sustain state’s industry

Canaan FirIf you decorate your home with a live Christmas tree, and that tree is a Canaan fir (pictured here in close-up), thank Jim Brown, a now-retired forestry professor with CFAES’s research arm, OARDC in Wooster. You can unwrap the details here. (Photo: Ken Chamberlain, CFAES.)

They’ll help you turn your woods even greener

OSU, CFAES, OSUE, Woodland StewardsCFAES’s Ohio Woodland Stewards Program is holding an Improve Your Woodland workshop on Oct. 14 in Mansfield. (Photo: Ken Chamberlain, CFAES.)

Sept. 9 workshop on spotting, managing invasive tree pests

Got problems with emerald ash borers, gypsy moths or other invaders in your woods? Or just want to be ready in case they arrive? CFAES’s Ohio Woodland Stewards Program is giving a Sept. 9 workshop on spotting and managing non-native invasive tree pests. Get details here and here. Register here.

Low-impact logging’s big benefits

Trunk Sections in the WoodsLee Beers saw low-impact logging, lots of it, when living in Maine during graduate school. The CFAES educator says it can work — and help — in Ohio, too. He’ll speak at Farm Science Review.

All about caring for your land

Senior man with spade in gardenFarm Science Review’s 67-acre Gwynne Conservation Area offers more than three dozen talks and demonstrations related to a farm’s natural resources — from planting trees to selling timber to stocking a pond to bringing in wildlife. They’re free and included with your admission to the Review, which is set for next month in London, west of Columbus. Find out more.