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Spring springing early in Ohio? No. And yes

Spring is arriving in Ohio this year at about the same time it did a year ago, CFAES scientist Dan Herms says. But still, it’s earlier than it was a couple decades ago. Read the story …

The rains came; or, water, water everywhere eventually causes root rot

Too much rain got your garden down? Get tips from CFAES Horticulture Educator Pam Bennett in this story and in the video above.

Study: Weather changes have cost U.S. soybean growers $11 billion

Weather effects on soybeansScientists have determined that precipitation and temperature variations over the past 20 years have suppressed the U.S. average soybean yield gain by about 30 percent, causing an industry loss of $11 billion nationwide. Read more. (Photo: Fuse.)

‘I’ve seen, in my lifetime, changes in the seasons’

Live near Lake Erie? Instructors Steve Ackerman and Margaret Mooney, both of them Badgers, discuss Changing Weather and Climate in the Great Lakes Region, their new free online course. You’re invited to join them, and fellow learners from around the lakes, here.

New free course on Great Lakes’ changing climate

Great Lakes climate is changingThere’s a new MOOC (massive open online course) available called Changing Weather and Climate in the Great Lakes Region. It’s free, goes for four weeks and started today. But you can still join after today and get all the content. The host is the University of Wisconsin. The course, its website says, “will feature a new season each week through short lectures and activities covering Great Lakes weather, observed changes in the climate and societal impacts of climate change.” Learn more and sign up here. Watch a video preview.